I am, first and foremost, a writer. I use words to tell stories, to inform consumers, and to describe the world. Words are like water. They can flow anywhere. They only require someone with the mind for piecing them together to come along and place them where they were always destined to be. Sadly, there are more writers who force the issue than those who know to let it flow. But, my success is partially due to their incompetence, so I’ll not wring my hands and cry foul too much.

I have worn many hats in my lifetime, yet I’ve never failed to write. The years of practicing style and pace have given me the skills to crank out a 27-page web layout in 2 days. Writing, like any other skill, uses muscle memory as much as it does imagination. Imagination is what chooses the style, but muscle memory brings it to life. So, in order to be comfortable in any style it’s necessary to teach the muscles the movements. When done on a regular basis, and with determination and attention, a person can fine-tune their talent to a point where the words are easier to see, and the connections that work best are far more clearly incorporated in the work.

Before joining Lift Conversions in 2014, I spent many years in retail management, and have run everything from a high-end wine shop to a Barnes & Noble. I’ve traveled all across the United States, lived in some amazing places, and met an incredible amount of great people I’m proud to call my friends. I never married or had children due to my penchant for moving across the country every few years, but that did give me the opportunity to take care of my Mother for several years before she passed. I was with her at the end, and that means more to me than anything else.

I’ve lived an interesting life and been fortunate to be in many places at the right time. That’s how I feel about my life in Chicago today. I work for a company I love with people I enjoy being around, and for a CEO who has the vision and charisma to take us anywhere. Life is very good right now; very good indeed.


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Dwight J Wade
 Westminster, Colorado
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