Dwight J Wade

Search Engine Marketer (SEM) · Social Media Marketer (SMM)· YouTube Video Marketer (VM) · Mobile Marketer (MM) · Technology Servicer (TS) · Google Analytics Expert (GA) · Google Shopping Expert (GS)

I’m a Web Content Specialist and Account Executive working for Lift Conversions in Westminster, Colorado.







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I have always had a love affair with words and technology, and finding a career field that allowed me to combine the two was pretty fortunate. It took a lot of searching, but the lessons I learned along the way have proven invaluable to me on a daily basis.

Why do I love what I do so much? Well, it’s got to be the thrill I get from turning a company’s badly-crafted content into exactly what they’ve always wanted. I feel a real sense of accomplishment after wrestling with words to create someone else’s vision, and I take great pride in being able to do it successfully every single day. After all, I would be writing something anyway, and this way I get to help someone and earn a living at the same time!

When I am not cranking out content for Lift Conversions, I can usually be found spending time with my brother and his wife, who both reside here in the city, and all of our dogs. I’m a confirmed animal lover, over-the-hill skateboarder, and insatiable reader of all things written. I’m an eater of tacos, a drinker of diet soda, and a player of games. At heart, I suppose, I’m a complicated man with a simple sense of himself.